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Let's Do Better! 💪🏽

As consumers we do have the power to choose better products and change how companies do businesses, but the ball is not only on our side, to magnify the impact companies also need to do their part and make it easy for consumers to make the right decisions.  businesses should go beyond profits and aim to create positive impact. When I started TIIIGA it was always on my mind to focus on fostering fair working Conditions, reducing plastic waste, building better long-lasting products, and inviting consumers to buy more consciously.  

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It's All About Love!

... That’s how I met Lucas Beaufort, through a sequence of seemingly unrelated events that turned into conversations about Colombia, travel, surf and life. Moments it felt like we were longtime friends, not only an artist and a guy starting a brand, that have just met.  …But there is another layer to the story of why this collaboration is happening .

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