Glamurosa QuaranTime Mixtape by Dean Dixon from Friend Not Foes


Whats up family!

This Coronavirus episode has all of us going nuts. The uncertainty and fear coming from everywhere seem unstoppable and having to stay home isn't ideal...

Dean Dixon - Friends not Foes (FnF)



...but hey creative minds never stop creating and thats why we are bringing you this mixtape by our good mate DEAN DIXON from Friend not Foes (FnF). Since we are now on a mandatory break, Dean decided to put together this mix-tape packed with chill future latin sounds, to bring us all on a musical journey and help us cope with this lockdown. 

Originally from Toronto; Dean was a resident DJ in the Bali Scene, taking folks on amazing musical journeys over the the most breathtaking sunsets; Firing beats from the decks of Potato Head Beach Club, The W Hotel, Rock Bar, Karma Beach and more.

... Trust us, the vibes were lit AF, chill sunset + amazing music what else would you want?. 

Last year we teamed up with Dean, to create a music Experience in Bali called la Glamurosa. Our purpose, was to take people on a spicy musical trip with sounds ripped from the darkest Latin American alleys...

This mixtape is a musical experience... So sit back, relax, grab a drink and let this tunes bring you on a musical trip to discover underground beats from all around Latin American.  


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