It's All About Love!

Here’s a story about chance. Not sure if you believe in fate, but there are these moments when planets align, and everything starts to roll and play out perfectly. So entirely that you can’t help but wonder why.

 Why did I react to the image of a closeout wave? Why did a Balinese sunset follow? Why was there an answer  coming from the other end when I reached out?

That’s how I met Lucas Beaufort, through a sequence of seemingly unrelated events that turned into conversations about Colombia, travel, surf and life. Moments it felt like we were longtime friends, not only an artist and a guy starting a brand, that have just met.

This is how we embarked on this collaboration with Lucas. (Obviously that he loved the TIIIGA shirt I gave him helped a lot ☺)

 …But there is another layer to the story of why this collaboration is happening.

 Weeks after we started working, I asked Lucas about his favorite song and only until I listened to “David Bazan’s - Trouble with boys” for a couple of times, everything clicked:

 “We are all worthy of love”, no matter what and that is exactly what Lucas’s art is about, he is letting his monsters out to so they can spread love, laughs and compassion.

Coincidentally, this message came to me right in a moment of personal transformation. My inner child was in need for love. I was told to learn to receive. I was told to accept love.

This is why this collaboration was meant to happen. Working with Lucas brought love when I needed it, and this is what our collection is all about. Behind every single line, inside every unique object and within every little monster lies only one intention: To spread love!  

 Always remember that we are all worthy of love, but most importantly remember to give love. Whenever you can spare a big hug, a loving smile, a kind look, a passionate kiss or a firm handshake.

 Everything happens for a reason. Everything is connected.

 There is a reason why you are reading this.  

 I  hope you love this collection as much as we do here at TIIIGA.




Lucas Beaufort x TIIIGA collab art

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