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TIIIGA Conscious

I just bumped into an article by Elizabeth Segran where she states that if consumers stop buying crap, companies will stop making crap. She goes on with a clear example on how consumers killed Ivanka Trump’s brand when they stopped buying it.

See, I couldn’t agree more with Elizabeth. As consumers we do have the power to choose better products and change how companies do businesses. However the hard truth is that we are inclined to choose what’s more convenient and changing our habits is very hard.

Sure we need to change how we consume (we actually need to consume less); but the ball is not only on our side, to magnify the impact companies also need to do their part and make it easy for consumers to make the right decisions.

I am convinced that businesses should go beyond profits and aim to create positive impact. When I started TIIIGA it was always on my mind to focus on fostering fair working Conditions, reducing plastic waste, building better long-lasting products, and inviting consumers to buy more consciously.

So Let’s make a change, let’s build a virtuous circle where as consumers we choose better and buy more consciously. But more importantly, as entrepreneurs, as creators, as change makers let's build companies that do good, that are responsible and that push the boundaries of what we bring into the market. Let’s help consumers make better decisions.



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