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Last august we had our first art party in Bali. where we celebrated our Collabs and shared our artists work through a Block Party and Art Exhibition. Here's the video so you can see what it was all about.  Este es el resumen de lo que fue nuestro evento TR3S TIGRES el pasado agosto en Bali. Fue la primera fiesta de arte en la que celebramos nuestras colaboraciones y presentamos el trabajo de nuestro artistas. Aquí les presentamos el video de resumen.     

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It's All About Love!

... That’s how I met Lucas Beaufort, through a sequence of seemingly unrelated events that turned into conversations about Colombia, travel, surf and life. Moments it felt like we were longtime friends, not only an artist and a guy starting a brand, that have just met.  …But there is another layer to the story of why this collaboration is happening .

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