Sometimes things aren't that obvious you know? As a founder you understand your brand, you know its purpose, you get the idea: TIIIGA is all about bringing art into people's life and I have to admit that it took me some time to realize that the there was no better way to share what we are all about than by throwing an art exhibition to showcase our collabs and our artists' work.

And since it is better late than never, last august we threw our first ever Block Party + Popup art show #Tr3sTigres. It was the perfect example that only good things happen when creative souls get together ...

We pulled off the coolest event in Bali during august and it was the result of an amazing collaboration between more than 10 brands, 4 artists, a DJ, a Stage designer and friends and family.

Collaboration is an essential element of TIIIGA... we know that 1+1 equals way more than 2, whenever talented minds join forces to co-create.

Thanks to all and every one of you who came to see the exhibition of our talented artists @alejogiraldo_ @yesyeslola @cheyinthewater and @remembervictoriosa

Thanks to all those who bought the newest and already "sold-out" collabs!

SPECIAL THANKS TO @jaywiggs and for the amazing pictures!!! And to @melisa_forero for.the video footage that you are watching above...WE HAD A BLAST!!


Andres V. 

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