Lucas Beaufort - The LB monster Love

Lucas Beaufort (Cannes, FR)

A french dreamer, a dog owner and a gemini with ascendant in virgo. Born in Cannes, France in 1981, he became a self taught painter at 26.

He used to have nightmares with scary monsters who tried to devour him, until he started to put these characters into paper and then they became his friends. 

In fact, Lucas' art is about letting his monsters out to so they can spread love, laughs and compassion.

Skateboarding is his passion and he started painting on skating magazine covers as a way to feel he is there, in the moment. He also thinks it's a way to give magazines a second life. He's painted on more than 700 covers and has made a documentary on the future of skateboarding print media (Check it out)

His LB project, is organizing an Art Camp with 20 international artists on the French Riviera for 5 days. In case you happen to be there, is open to everyone!