Mariery Young - The Bumbak blue

Mariery Young (Panamá)

Mariery Young (Panamá)A Panama-based artist, architect and cultural manager focused on bold, colorful illustration and surface design. Her work is inspired by childhood obsessions, her Chinese heritage, the mix of the mundane and the bizarre, TV and an unbridled love for nature manifested in the color and organic shapes in her pieces. Mariery focuses on using Chinese calligraphy as the foundation of every stroke, before a meticulous transfer and finishing into the digital realm.

As an art director and cultural manager Mariery curated Red Bull's 'Canvas Cooler' Panama art project, organized the Artblock Music and Art Festival in Casco Viejo and directed Tantalo Hotel’s art program.

As an illustrator and surface designer, Mariery has worked with brands like Nike, Red Bull, Peugeot, FAB, and JUNIQUE among others, and her work has been published in London, Seoul, Panama as well as online.

As the founder and director of Mezclao Studio, Mariery has helped brands like MAC Panama and a myriad of local businesses communicate in different markets.