Hey, This is Andres

I'm the head behind TIIIGA. We are here to Inspire you and encourage you to be different and free. We also bring art to your life and invite you to buy more consciously.

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Hand printing Magic

uniformed-mass production rebel

Mass Production Rebels

Limited Be unique, be free

WHY Limited editions?

Simple, to make sure you feel unique, to help you connect to yourself and embrace what makes you different... Only then, you feel confident to do whatever the hell you want and start to be FREE… "Freedom is to become who you truly are" - F. Nietzsche.

And yes, it’s way more fun to make limited edition pieces that only a few people can get their hands on; but it is also sustainable but We’ll talk about that later…
Lucas Beaufort x tiiiga collab


Art is a very powerful transformation tool. Art stimulates your senses and makes you more creative, willing to explore new things and to take risks, daring to change things... Art can definitely change the world.

When I found the hand-printing magic, I knew immediately I had to reach out to amazing artist from around the world and collaborate.

So yeah TIIIGA is: A global collaboration to make limited edition, hand-printed wearable art.
Limited, Sustainable, ethical.

Limiting Quantities is Good

By Limiting our quantities we not only foster fair working conditions, we also reduce waste. If we really want to have environmental impact, we should just consume less. But for this to work, Companies should also produce less...

We believe in producing fewer long lasting garments while inviting you to buy less and more consciously.

Ethically Made

We believe that all of our suppliers, workers, artists and partners are part of a big family and should grow with us. Everyone here gets their fare share of what we collectively create .

Natural, Re-cycled, Upcycled

Surfing in Bali during rainy season opened my eyes, once again, to the plastic epidemic our planet is experiencing. We are committed to using only natural, recycled and up-cycled materials when posible.
tiiiga logo
1. noun
In Bali, the island of the gods, TIGA with a single I is the number three (3)
2. Philosophy
Also in Bali this number defines a traditional philosophy of life: The "Tri Hita Karana” or three causes for prosperity and well-being:
1. Harmony among people.
2. Harmony with nature or environment.
3. Harmony with God.
Behind TIIIGA lies the universal power of number three!
Meet the humans behind our brand. Those puting their hard-work to carefully and consciously tailor your TIIIGA